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Many people choose LASIK surgery to help repair any problems that they have with their vision. For people it can help them to see things that are far away and allow them to enjoy life without having to worry about eyeglasses or contacts. It is true that there are risks involved – but for many people these risks are minimal and well worth it.

In order to make sure that the procedure was a success and not wasted you need to learn the proper steps on how to take care of yourself once it is finished with. Though many people are excited to use LASIK enhancement surgery they become quite nervous when the operation draws closer. Learning what to expect and do after it is finished will help to calm those nerves.

After the operation is complete you may feel a slight discomfort. To make sure that you do not have any problems immediately following it you need to make sure that nothing comes into contact with your eyes. This means that any small children should not be held because they tend to make jerky hand movements and can accidentally hit you.

Others might feel an itching or even burning feeling in their eyes. This will tempt you to rub them – but you need to resist. This feeling is normal and will go away shortly. If you were to rub them in anyway you would reverse the effects the procedure completed for you.

For a few days your eyes might be bloodshot and dry. It would be best to take some time off of work. This will help you to deal with it better.

You need to see your eye doctor a day or two after the procedure is completed. They will examine them and make sure that the operation and LASIK recovery was successful and that there are no

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