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Hernias are a condition that many people are afraid to have – but in reality they can be fairly easy to handle. The majority of hernias do not cause people any type of pain and only a slight discomfort. This discomfort is caused by the bulge that protrudes from the area in which it is located in.

The only time that people need to worry about this condition is when it has become strangulated. This is a serious problem and will cause the person pain. It also requires the need for surgery in order to remove it and to repair the area that it has broken through. One of the most common hernia repair surgeries that doctors will use is laparoscopic surgery.

This procedure – also known as minimally invasive surgery – is unique when compared to other types of procedures because it uses a video camera and very thin tools. During the surgery the surgeon will make small cuts and then place plastic tubes through these holes. The camera and the tools being used are pushed through the tubes.

The surgeon will use the camera to get a better view of each of the organs that are in the stomach. During the average surgery in which the surgeon will make larger cuts in the patient they will not have a clear view into their stomach. With the camera they are given a much clearer view and are given a chance to be more accurate.

There are many benefits to using a laparoscopic surgery instead of the usual types. It allows for a faster recovery period – which means that you will spend less time in the hospital. The cuts are much smaller – which means that the scars will barely be noticed. Also the scarring inside of the body will be very small and this can help to avoid future problems.

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