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It has always been a right of passage the first time a teenaged boy begins shaving and then enters the world of manhood. When it comes to shaving every little detail of how you shave counts from the technique you use to the tools you shave with.

There are many things that can be said about the techniques used for shaving many men feel that you should shave with the grain to stop razor burn. But I think that when shaving how you lather your face is everything and one of the main reasons we have problems with razor burn is because we only use standard cream to shave with. Which is not the best for lather.

The best way to get a great lather and not only stop razor burn but also clean and exfoliate your skin which will cause your face to feel great afterwards is to use a shaving mug soap to make lather for your face. Many standard shaving creams fall short of what needs to be done to get all these great benefits.

Most shaving soaps have ingredients that help to soothe the skin and give you not only a closer shave – but also to clean, exfoliate, and to lubricate the skin. The lubrication not only helps to make the skin soft – but it will also soften the hair to make it easier to trim. The fact that it helps to clean the skin at the same time makes it an even better asset to use each morning.

Make sure that your man has the necessary razors and shaving mug soaps that will help to give your man a close shave to remove all of that five o’clock shadow that we know they don’t need.

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