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The bathroom is one of the most well occupied space in our entire home. It is the one room that is used every single day by everyone who resides there. It is not wonder that each home is built with at least two bathrooms to accommodate everyone. Yet, even with all of its popularity many of us don’t think twice about decorating it.

We put together plans of how the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms should be decorated – but we overlook the bathroom. It is time to stop neglecting this space and turn it into a place that you can be proud of. You do not have to put thousands of dollars into it and put up decorations that are outrageous.

Sometimes the simple things can go a long way and this is true when in reference to the bathroom. It can be a hassle to replace the sink, toilet, and tub so let’s not even think about that. Instead you can purchase little items that work well with them and that are made with special materials and patterns to create a soothing look.

Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is very useful at keeping the water inside of the tub while we are using it. When you are not using it though it can be a great decoration. Try to find one that is easy to clean and has a design that works with the room. If it is your child’s bathroom you can find something that is fun for them. If it is yours then you can choose something that has a soothing color and a simple pattern to it.


We all need to use rugs in the bathroom to keep us from slipping when we step out of the shower. Find rugs and also toilet seat covers that match. Usually you can find them all in a set. Make sure that these work well with the paint on the walls and also the shower curtain.

Toilet Paper Holder

Not many of us think about the toilet paper holder – but it is rather useful. After all this is what we use to keep the toilet paper organized and on hand when we need it. There are a variety of toilet paper holders that you can use. Find one that will look great next to the toilet – but nothing that might look tacky.

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