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The majority of fundraisers are put together to help raise money for businesses or causes. They are not something that can be taken lightly and put together on a whim. Instead you need to treat it like you are running a business and working with clients who will help to sponsor treatment and other aid to the cause.

One of the best ways that you can get the word out about your fundraiser is to send out formal letters. These are used to make them aware of who you are, what you are raising money for, and that you would appreciate their help. These letters should be written perfectly and in a way that makes people want to stop and take the time to look at them.

The first paragraph of the letter needs to introduce yourself and the reason for the fundraiser. The best way to do this is to use a phrase or sentence that is going to have an impact on them and leave them wanting to read on to find out more. Give at least three more sentences about the problem at hand.

In the second paragraph you need to tell them what your business or organization had planned. If you are a shelter then you can tell them how you plan to help people in need and how many you have already helped. Also give them a list of other charitable works that you have done.

The third paragraph should state the challenges that your organization is having and why you need outside help to keep things going. This will help lead to the fourth paragraph where you will state why they would be the excellent choice at helping them.

You should have a separate page attached to the fundraiser letter that shows pictures and stories of the people that they could be helping. Don’t forget to thank them for their support.

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