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I have always felt that the water we have is clean but after hearing about the current facts concerning drinking water I could not drink water until I had installed a refrigerator water filter. I was dinking water all the time. I was under the impression that I should drink as much water a possible.

One day a friend of mine notice I was always running back and forth to the fridge door all the time to get water. It was then that he started telling me about the seriously falling standards of our drinking water. Hear are three major things you should know about your water before you take another sip.

First our current water supply infrastructure seriously lacks what many of us would feel is necessary to clean and purify our water. In America right now there are about forty million miles of pipelines from over 170 thousand city water processing authorities that are moving about 33 billion gallons of water every day. The problem with this is these pipelines are very old and many of the impurities we have in our water come from the pipes.

Next the amount of chemical waste that finds it’s way into our drinking water is out growing what we do to keep it out. This coupled with our growing population increasing our need for more water causes a strain on our current ability to get the water clean.

Most experts feel that if you clean the water at point of use you will certainly be getting the cleanest water you can get. For many of us the point of use is right there at the fridge door. Many refrigerator water dispensing doors come with a refrigerator water filter on them. But the question is it the right one for you and did you know that the filters have to be replaced from time to time.

If you drink at lot of tap water you might want to invest in a GE refrigerator water filter. GE has been in the kitchen appliance business for a very long time since 1892. Many turn to GE for the cleanest and best tasting drinking water you can get.

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