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If you feel that you are overweight. I bet you think you got there by stuffing your face. Stuffing your face with junk food will help you to become fat. But that is not the only thing that’s put you in this situation – lack of activity and poor sleeping routines also play a big part in this matter.

So what will we do to get out of this situation of being over weight and unhealthy. The first thing we will need to do is focus on our health first and the rest like fat loss will come. The biggest issue with weight loss is many of us focus on just try to get of the pounds.

Causing us to do any and everything we can to get them off. That just isn’t that right path to take. But instead simply making some healthy life style changes like – adding healthy and fun activity to our weekly routine along with eating good food. These two things along will cause you to become more healthy and return get rid of that unwanted fat.

Now adding activity to your life and eating good food does not mean run out and get a gym membership or living off of salad till you lose the fat you don’t want. Normally this type of thinking is the beginning of the end for most people.

You will need to make good changes to your life style to begin healthy fat loss. Changes that you can enjoy and continue to do. When adding activity to your life – you can try things like – playing a sport that you like or finding more time to walk around your neighborhood. You would be surprised what a thirty minute walk around your neighborhood three times a week would do for you.

Next stop eating all the candy bars and ice cream and don’t miss breakfast. Eat foods you enjoy as long as it’s a fruit, vegetable, or lean meat. Don’t go out and start eating like you never have before with foods you know you hate. You will never be able to keep that up. Find healthy foods that you like and eat those and in doing so you will be on your way to healthy fat loss.

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