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When trying to purchase stair lifts you have to choose a manufacturer that you can purchase it from. This is a very important decision because it will determine the quality of product that you want, the price that you pay for it, and the features that you are able to use. There are many different companies that you can consider – but we want to give you some information concerning Bruno.

This is considered to be the leading manufacturer of stair lifts in North America. Bruno Independent Living Aids offer some of the most advanced models that can be used in residential homes as well as commercial businesses. This gives people the ability to access all areas of their home and allows employers to give their employees and clients all access to their business.

Each model that they offer come available with the necessary safety guidelines that will give you a smooth ride both up and down the stairs without any worry or jerky movements. They have indoor and outdoor models and offer both straight and custom built curved lifts.

The company was set up more then twenty years ago and since then have created a reputation for themselves. Their clients are pleased with their models and with the customer service that they are given. They have set up their business all over the world and have clients and dealers available to anyone who is disabled or just has a difficult time climbing their stairs.

Anyone who sells Bruno stair lifts is required to go through specific training courses that will teach them what models they will offer, how they can help people, and what features they offer. Each model that they sell is unique and uses the most advanced technology.

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