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Warts are a type of skin problem that usually occur on someone’s hands. But it so happens that they can occur in other more uncomfortable places including the face. Facial warts are caused like any other – by the HPV virus. The most common type that will develop on the face are flat warts. These can be irritated in many ways but especially from shaving.

People hate trying to deal with facial warts because of the size that they can reach and how they appear to others. However, they are not serious and there is no need to be alarmed by them. The only thing you should be worried about is trying to get rid of them and working hard not to pass them to others.

Like any other type these are contagious and can be passed through a simple touch. Anything that has touched the wart should cleaned or thrown away. You can also spread this skin condition through the passing of blood. The HPV virus is contained within your blood and therefore can be passed this way. Any open cuts and scratches on the skin should be covered to avoid giving it to others.

The good thing is that this condition is considered to be a viral infection – which means that the body will be doing everything in its power to fight it off. However, this may not be quick enough for you. Many of us don’t like have something like that sitting on our face. For quick removal try using salicylic acid or an over the counter medicine. Most of these will remove the surface layers of the wart and over a short period of time will slowly cause it to fall off.

Removing facial warts will take a few weeks still even with all of the treatments that your doctor can prescribe you or that you can purchase over the counter. One of the quickest methods to use is cryotherapy. This is the method of freezing the wart and then cutting it off. Laser removal is also another treatment that can be used though it might leave a scar.

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