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While working in the food industry you have to go with the best when it comes to food storage and freshness. And True commercial refrigerators are what I have found to be one of the top brands in the industry today. They carry a wide verity of commercial freezers and refrigerators, at quality prices you can afford in today’s economy.

True’s products are made with the customer in mind and their units are made up of the best material money can buy. Do not just take my word for it though you have to see for yourself. Most commercial refrigerator products are made to standard, but in this case you are looking at above and beyond.

These are the things I look for in my food storage products, cabinet temperature is a must and while storing food I need the temperature to regulate at an efficient pace. I would also need the product to be dependable in every aspect and honor every detail about their product. I am in the restaurant industry and when I switched to the True brand of refrigeration it made things run so much more efficient.

I cannot give this product enough praise, and they just do not sell restaurant equipment, they sell a wide range of other products as well. For example: convenience store units are available, depending on your storage needs the True Company has something for you.

Food service has a new name in quality and that name is True for all your commercial refrigerator needs. You can find True products online, also whole sale. There has to be a reason True was voted best in its class for 6 years running and used by so many in food industries . Never have I seen a product stand up to its name like True does. You won’t be disappointed and you will also have one less worry.

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