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Recently I have moved into a bigger house with a bigger lawn where I now have many new landscaping opportunities. After installing new flower bed arrangements, walkways, and patios I notice that there was going to be one big problem.

I first noticed this problem when I got home late one night from work after it was already dark. No matter how beautiful my lawn is no one is going to see it after dark. At this point a started researching my options. I know I needed to install some out door lighting. But during my research I noticed that traditional out door lighting could end up being very expensive in the long run.

With having to purchase the lights and the wiring I was already looking at a hefty bill not to mention the increased monthly electric bill. After seeing how much it would cost me to light up my lawn after hours I began to realize people may only be able to enjoy my yard during the day.

But I didn’t give up hope. After looking a little further I found solar garden lights. Let me be the first to tell you after thinking it would be impossible to light up my lawn without having to spend lots of money solar powered gardens lights were a dream come true.

I found LED solar garden lights to be the best. Because not only is there no wiring or power bills involved with these lights. The LED lights were more dependable and durable for outside use and they burn bright longer.

Solar lights beat tradition lighting hands down in every way. The amount of money you would save after a couple months of use would be astronomical. I even notice these light are good for many other uses other than just lighting my garden. They make great security light that are on all night along. You can use them to light walkways and driveways.

In addition to the above I found a set of changing solar garden lights they were a blast at my after hours B.B.Q. last week they changed colors just like Christmas tree lights. Not only am I now using these lights to light my lawn but they have become a part of it’s décor.

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