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When it comes to driving in serve winter conditions for instance if there is a lot of snow or if the roads could have ice on them then it is best to wait for the conditions to lessen. But every year during these conditions it always seems to be that there is somewhere that we must go.

There for here are some things that you can do to make sure that you are traveling as safely as you can. For starters if you are in an area where the snow is going to be thick try to wait for the sanding trucks and snow plows to do their work first. This will greatly increase your chances of driving safely.

Next just like when you first learned to drive find a completely open snowy parking lot and practice getting the hang of driving over snowy and icy roads. After getting an understanding of how your vehicle handles on icy roads there are just a couple of more things you will want to make sure you have a good understanding of before driving off.

These are also common mistakes that are made. Remember to be extra careful on overpasses, bridges, and less frequently traveled roads. These roads are always more areas are always more dangerous than normal roads. Secondly do not try to pass by a sanding truck or snow plow. The ones driving those machines normally have less visibility than you do and the road in front of them is probably worst than the one behind. Lastly don’t think your vehicle is already prepared to drive in all conditions just because its an all wheel drive vehicle these vehicle can still have difficulty on roads that have ice and snow.

If you plan to be driving in the winter time on ice and snow it is imperative that you have winter tires on your vehicle. These tires are marked by a label that has a peaked mountain with snowflake symbol on it.

When it comes to choosing which winter tire to use I have always been happy with Blizzak winter tires. These tires are known as the “Winter Biter.”

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