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Basements are sometimes one of the best rooms in the house. They are the largest and give us the ability to turn them into a game room, theater, or even an extra bedroom. The possibilities for them are endless. Unfortunately they can also require the most work and upkeep.

These rooms are built in a place that makes them vulnerable to water damage. This makes it a breeding ground for mold – which is harmful when breathed in. Learn the best way that you can clean this mold out of your basement safely and how you can keep it out for good.

Mold has a white, black, and even blue color tint to it and can look hairy and raised from the walls or floors. Most of the time it will grow on the paint, boxes, papers, wood, or carpet. Basically anything that soaks up moisture and doesn’t let go of it easily.

The first thing that you need to do is remove anything that has the mold attached to it. You can choose to throw these away or to clean them. Once everything has been taken out you need to look for the source of it all. Find leaks in pipes or cracks in the walls or even window seals that might be broken.

Once you have found where it is coming from you need to take the necessary steps to repairing them. After you will need to purchase a basement mold cleaner and put some on the floor and walls. Thoroughly clean every area in the basement and if needed remove the carpets.

To keep the mold out for good you should hire someone that will professionally waterproof your basement. This will help to seal any leaks that you were not able to spot and to help prevent this problem from reoccurring.

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