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I just came back from vacationing in Alaska and many rooms and homes even businesses had fireplaces. It was a very rustic look. But the atmosphere and ambience of the place was wonderful. And reminded me of cooler winters where we had the pleasure of warming up to a fire every night.

The fireplace has been a big part of a American homes for centuries but as technology has grown the need for fireplaces has totally diminished. Homes now a days only have fireplace as part of the décor. Which is a great idea because fireplaces are paramount when it comes to decorating your living room or family room.

With the need for a fireplace being obsolete many home builders tend to leave them out unless requested. So what do you do if you want a fireplace in your home or business. Remodel – No. All you need is a alcohol gel fireplace.

These more modern gel fireplaces are great because you will not need to remodel to put one in. You can put one anywhere you want like- your office, restaurant, or business. They can be shipped directly to you And require very little set up.

These ventless fireplaces need no chimney because they not do produce any smoke. They use an alcohol gel for fuel to burn. This gel burns clean and clear and is environmentally friendly. So if you have been desiring to warm up to a fire at night with that special someone. But have not had a fire to cozy up to. Surprise that special person today.

If you are worried about not finding one that matches your current décor. There are no needs to worry these fixtures come in many different styles and designs to from modern to contemporary to match any décor you might already have. Lastly if you move you can take it with you just like the rest of your furniture.

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