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It seems that many more Americans are becoming more aware of the falling health standards in our country. All thought many would blame our overall health on fast food chains and over eating. I believe lack of activity may play an even bigger part.

I am not disagreeing with anyone here. Sure – if all your meals come from the local burger shop you are definitely going to have some health problems. But I bet a lot of those star athletes we see on the T.V. get the share of fast food. They are just smart enough to know to workout a little harder and burn a few more calories after a burger and fries.

So let us get back to the issue at hand – activity. Why are we all sitting around getting fat? Don’t you want to look like a super model? Of course you do? But that is not enough to make most of us to jump off the couch and into our running shoes.

So what is the real reason we all just sitting around? It is because we do not feel like running the tread mill like gerbils? Other that filling our schedules up to the brim where we don’t have time to work out or we have not given daily activity the priority it should have. I think one of the main reasons we don’t workout that much is because of how boring it can be. More of a chore than something fun that we look forward to doing.

I believe if you invest some of your time to a fun physical activity that you could enjoy and look forward to than the problem of lack of activity would begin to fade. Now I am not asking you to spent two hours a day pumping iron. But maybe twice a week for starters you could join a dance class and then move up to three times a week.

If dancing is not your thing try any sport that you like or something new. I bet a new sport or activity would keep you motivated. You can try boxing, martial arts, basket ball, or skating.

Boxing is one of the best cardio workouts you can do. When it comes to calorie burning it is almost in the same league as running. And it is very versatile in the fact that you can join a gym or you can do it from your own home all you need is a pair of boxing gloves and a heavy bag.

If you decide to try boxing you might notice there are many brands of equipment to choose from most will do just fine. But if you want a good high quality brand that you will not have to worry about replacing anytime soon try Reyes boxing gear.

One Response to “Bored Of The Tread Mill – Try Boxing”

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