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It seems that more then half of Americans are letting themselves go and not worrying about the foods that they eat and the lack of exercise that they get every day. The combination of these two things causes people to become sluggish, rundown, and gain large amounts of weight.

Obesity is dangerous for people because it has the potential to cause numerous health problems. Many of these problems include heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Anyone who is suffering from any one of these conditions will have to take numerous different medicines in order to control it.

With these problems you are keeping yourself from doing the things that you love and enjoy. You will find it difficult to do any form of physical activity without running out of breath and possibly even fainting.

Among all of the problems people who are obese must also worry about the way that they look. Though they may not always show it on the outside the majority of them feel inadequate and find it hard to fit in with the people around them. Their self esteem has dropped and they find it hard to bring it back again.

It is time to turn your life around through exercise and healthy foods. Ask your doctor to recommend a nutrionist who can give you a plan to follow. Following the right diet plan could help you to drop the pounds and be a good example to your children. While you are losing the weight you will start to feel better and can drop the medications that you were taking. You will also be able to buy the clothes you have always wanted to wear.

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