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I grew up learning that customer service is very important if you want to run any successful business. It is a method that we use which shows people that we are friendly, reliable, and easy to work with. A few years ago this was something that everyone strived to do in their job no matter where they were or how bad the day was.

But over the years it seems that something got lost in translation and instead teenagers and adults alike have changed their viewpoints. Instead of doing everything in their power to make sure that each customer is happy and taken care of they ignore them, snap at them, and provide them with such poor service that both the customer and the employee are unhappy.

Businesses that do not have proper customer service are telling their customers that they do not care what they are there for and they are not guaranteeing they will receive what they want. It is no wonder that many restaurants and other types of businesses are going under.

With such poor attitudes from the people who are working there no one wants to be around them. I have been known to never go to places again because of the way that me or someone I know was treated. This is something that is not acceptable.

There are some people who are willing to pay extra money for what they want if it means that the people who help them will be nice and provide them with everything they need. Customer service is everything and is what helps us to find reliable moving companies or a restaurant that will serve us quality food with a smile.

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