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People have different reasons for wanting to use an air purifier. For some people it is a way to help keep their allergies under control while they are trying to sleep or just trying to watch their favorite show. Others use it because they have respiratory conditions that can be aggravated by extra dust and allergens that are littered throughout the air in the home.

There are dozens of different types of these purifiers that you can use that are built with different features and abilities. Some are able to remove 99.9% of everything that is in the air while others are able to remove dust and allergens – but not pollutants. These are obviously big factors that you have to consider when purchasing one.

One model that we love above all the others is the silent air purifier. This is different from the standard types of purifiers because it is perfectly quiet while working hard to clean your air and make your home a better place. Most purifiers use fans or motors that are quite loud when you turn them on. These motors pull in the air and pass it through their air filters. These filters then grab hold of the impurities and force the clean air back out.

Silent purifiers work differently. The main difference with them is that they do not use any type of fan. Instead they use two separate plates that are electrically charged opposite. When these plates are charged they grab hold of the impurities in the air as it passes through.

Not only is this model quiet – but it also requires no need for messy air filters. Though the general cost for the purifier is higher then most in the end you could be saving hundreds of dollars because there is no need to replace the filters.

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