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Each of us have questions about the things that we see. As children we ask how the sky is blue – which can be answered scientifically. As with most things in this world science is able to define so many aspects of what goes on in the Earth as well as the solar system. It is no wonder then that some people believe that the world began in a manner that can be explained through science.

One of the most popular theories of how the world and the solar system began is Evolution. This is described as a process in which the things in the world will change into a more advanced being. Over time as time progresses so does everything in the world. This includes plants, animals, and also humans.

Many scientists believe that through the process of natural selection the earth started during a ‘big bang’ and humans were nothing more then apes or cavemen as they are more well known as. These cavemen were primitive and unable to speak coherently or do much of anything for themselves. They built things that were very crude and were disorganized.

But over time natural selection chose the ones that were able to evolve and through thousands of years the cavemen became more civilized. They were able to invent fire and the wheel and so many other things that were used in those times.

Scientists do not believe things unless there is substantial amount of proof or at least what they believe to be proof. There have been fossils discovered that might have been one of the first cavemen. However, there is controversy that these fossils were fake and planted there as a practical joke or to provide false proof for this theory.

This theory is very controversial and its enemy is Intelligent Design. This is the belief that an intelligent being – God – created the world and everything inside of it for a purpose. This theory is based upon faith rather then science – which is why so many people are still skeptical about it.

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