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There are many things that I enjoyed when I was a child. I was given many opportunities to do different things and experience new places. One thing that I loved when I was a child that I could never get enough of was making homemade ice cream. We used to collect snow from outside and mix it in the hand turned ice cream maker with the rest of the ingredients. It was delicious and fun to make.

Now I am able to experience this with my child though we don’t use snow anymore and we use something that is more modern and easier to use. The Cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker is a wonderful appliance to have in the kitchen and it makes some of the best ice cream that you could ever have.

If you are like me you don’t like your ice cream to be so cold that you can’t even scoop it out of the box. But with this ice cream maker the ice cream will be perfectly cold – but soft enough to scoop it out without any problems on your end.

It comes with everything that you need to make the most delicious ice cream and a place to keep your favorite toppings to put on top of it. Once you have squeezed out the ice cream you can top it off or even create your own special mcflurry. This will save you time and money that you spend at McDonalds.

These machines are so cool that even your children will wish to try their hand at it and will be requesting some every day after school and even more during the hot summer months. You can even find some helpful Cuisinart ice cream recipes that will help to give you new ideas.

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