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Many of us are under the impression that when people are disabled and confined to a wheelchair they are limited to the things that they are able to do. While it is true that they do not have the ability to do many of the things that we take for granted it does not exclude them from everything. Though they may not be able to walk they can still participate in many sports.

There are a variety of different sports that include basketball, track, and others that have particular teams that are created for people who are disabled. They have the ability to participate in this activity through the use of some serious upper body strength as well as the use of a sports wheelchair.

These are a type of manual wheelchair that are built very differently from the other kinds. They are built with titanium or aluminum – which helps to make them lightweight and very strong to be able to hold the person and to perform extreme activities. They are built to enable the person to maneuver in them quickly and in a variety of directions.

Because they are built in such an unusual way they do not have the ability to be used for everyday use. This will wear them down and cause them to break down easily. Instead they should be reserved for playing sports only.

This is one of the reasons that makes them so great to use and also quite expensive. It might be possible for your insurance to help cover the whole or part of the price. However, they may decide not to because they are used for a recreational activity.

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