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There are two main types of Internet browsers that we use to help us find the websites we love to visit. Internet Explorer is one of the oldest and was so popular that many thought it was their only choice. A few years back came Firefox. This particular browser became popular overnight it seemed and soon people had to compare notes to know which one was better.

The fight between the two is still raging though it seems that Firefox is quickly gaining ground and making up for lost time. Those of us who are not a part of the technical world and don’t really know how to compare the inner workings of them both need some more helpful tips when it comes to choosing one.


Each program has similar features and a few that is unique to them. Try to compare the two programs and what they have to offer to you. Ask yourself if these features are helpful, if you will use them, or if they are a waste of time.

Easy To Use

No one wants to use something that is difficult to understand. Instead of spending hours at a time trying to learn how it all works and what the different buttons are for we want something that when it opens we can immediately start to use it. If it is not easy to use then we don’t even want to try to bother with it.


The only way you are going to know which program you truly want to use is to compare them. It is time to put the war of IE vs. Firefox to the test and download both programs. Then you can use them one after the other and go from there to choose the winner.

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