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For some people moles are great to have because they are like a birthmark or they are in just the right spot that makes them unique and makes them look great. But for others these are a skin blemish that they do not wish to have. There are many types of moles that are designated by what causes them.

One common type is the candida skin mole. This particular mole is something that people – men and women alike – hope to never have any problems with. This is caused by the bacteria commonly known as candida albicans. This is actually very common and found in most people. However, some people may have certain problems from them while others may experience nothing.

People who have problems from this will usually have an imbalance candida production – which can result in a yeast infection that can be in the vagina, the mouth, or both places at one time. This can be treated using natural supplements or by changing your diet. One common food that is known to help fight yeast infections is yogurt. It contains a bacteria that helps to fight against the candida.

These skin moles can be much worse and can affect people the most who have an immune system that has problems caused by diseases or by people who are taking antibiotics. They can break out inside of a person’s mouth and look very white. They can also develop in the woman’s vagina – but will look very red and can become inflamed. When in this area they will itch and burn.

Women are some of the worst to be affected by candida skin moles – but they are not the only ones. Infants are at a risk of contracting this problem as well as men. Usually when men have it they will develop in their genital area. It is important that you talk to your doctor immediately if you have this problem so they can be treated quickly.

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