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Poison ivy is something that we have to worry about when we have children who love to explore their surroundings and pick up all sorts of new flowers and plants. Just a small touch from this plant can cause them to break out in a rash that is irritating and usually takes days to weeks to get rid of.

Hundreds of people worry about this plant all year round – but during the summer everyone does what they can to find out as much as they can about it. During this race for information some of the facts have become distorted. We are here to clean up the mess and separate fact from fiction.

Ability To Get The Rash Without Contact

Yes, some people believe that they can get a rash from the plant without even touching it or standing too close to it. The only way that this is possible is if the urushiol oil inside of the plant that causes the rash has come into contact with clothing, pets, or other plants. Some people who are sensitive to the plant will have serious problems if someone near them is trying to burn the plant to get rid of it and you breathe in the fumes.

Poison Ivy Is Contagious

The majority of people will separate their children and try to help their child without getting the rash themselves. What they don’t realize is that this is not contagious. Fluid that comes from the rash or blisters does not spread it in anyway. The only way it can be spread is if the child has not washed their skin or clothes that have come into contact with the urushiol oil and someone touches these contaminated spots.

Immunity To Poison Ivy

It is true that there are certain people who will not have any reaction to the plant. That is until they have been exposed to it several times. It is better not to take any chances and to prevent a rash from breaking out even if you think you might be ok. This is a poison ivy myth that some people take too literally.

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