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There are many types of hernias that people may have to deal with and that can occur within the stomach, belly button, and groin. Some are caused because of a previous surgical procedure while others might have formed when a person was born and developed over time. One of the most common type of hernia is the abdominal hernia.

This is caused when the intestines are pushing through a weak area in the wall of the abdomen that is weak. There are many things that could have weakened the stomach wall – but it is not always know to many people that they have one at all. Because most hernias do not cause any pain the only way that the person will know that they have one is when they feel a slight ache in their stomach or see a bulge that should not be there.

The usual things that will cause the ache or make the bulge more noticeable is prolonged period of sitting or standing, pain when coughing or lifting heavy objects, or pain while straining during bowel movements. Those who do experience pain might experience a simple dull throb or a sharp pain that will increase when pressure is placed on the abdomen.

It is important that you make an appointment with your doctor immediately so that they are able to determine what it is and how it should be treated. The treatment for abdominal hernias can be very simple as long as it is not strangulated. Once the hernia is strangulated it becomes a serious matter that requires surgery in order for it to be removed and the abdominal wall fixed.

If it is not painful and only creates a bulge you can treat it by wearing certain types of ’girdles’ that will keep the hernia pushed in. You might also be able to push it back in yourself from time to time. However, if you would rather remove the abdominal hernia then you can speak with you doctor and ask them the best procedure to use.

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