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Playing the guitar is a great way to express your feelings through the songs that you play. Music is like therapy for the soul no matter what form it comes in it gives you the power to play with your heart. Whether you are feeling sad, angry, or in love! But it would be very hard to play without using one very important tool – the pick.

There are tons of manufacturers that sell a variety of these tools in different shapes and sizes. The problem is knowing which one will work best for us and the guitars that we use. There are a few tips that you can learn – which can make this decision process just a little bit easier.

If you are a new player then it would be easier to start with some of the thinner types. It is hard for newbies to find the right grip when playing because they have not yet developed the necessary calluses. Their fingers will also sweat a great deal – which can make it hard for them to have the right grip on the pick.

However, the more you play the easier it will become and you will be able to trade up the type of pick you use. Once you have the basic chords, power chords, and the major and minor scales memorized it is time to trade in for the medium sized picks. If you are really confident you might just be able to choose one of the heavy types.

Both of these types of guitar picks help to improve your harmonics, pick slides, single picking, and so much more. The smaller and thinner sized ones are not helpful in this because they are not large enough. The larger ones range from 0.73 millimeters to 1.20 millimeters.

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