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Now that the gas prices are once again on the rise we are trying once more to save as much money as we can on the amount of gas that we use. It seems that the economy is doing better and is finally starting to turn around – but that doesn’t say much for us when we have to put all of that extra money into the gas tank.

Most of us know by now all of the things that we can do to save on gas – but do we know what things that should never be done? There are many things that we will try and believe me when I tell you that I know first hand that these ideas are not going to work.

Where’s The Cheapest Place

How many times have we driven around town hoping to find the cheapest gas station to fill up at? We figure that even if we can save a few cents it will all be worth it. But how many miles are we forced to drive in order to find it? I have done this so many times and about three out of four of those times I have run out of gas on the side of the road.

Now not only have you wasted all of your gas – but now you have to waste time and spend even more money to fill it up. When you know you are in need of gas visit the closest station and fill her up. In the end you will save yourself some money, time, and a lot of frustration.

Biking To Work

Some of us will trade in our nice cars for something a bit harder to manage – the old bicycle. Why not bike to work and save ourselves money while getting a work out at the same time? This is ok if you don’t mind leaving for work an hour or more earlier then usual and getting there sweating all over.

This can be difficult during the summer time and is very dangerous to anyone who needs to take the highway. In the end you will save yourself time by taking the car. If you are that desperate then you should trade your car in for something that gets much better gas mileage.

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