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Endometriosis is a common condition that is found in women. This condition occurs when endometrial cells are growing inside of the uterus or just outside of it. These cells are what the woman’s bodies need to expel each menstrual cycle. Instead they connect themselves to the tissue that is outside of the uterus and form implants.

Doctors will usually find the implants on the ovaries, outside of the uterus, intestines, lining of the pelvic cavity, or the Fallopian tubes. In rare cases they can be discovered on the cervix, vagina, and bladder. It is even more rare for the implants to attach themselves to other more vital organs that include the lungs, liver, and brain.

While the endometrial implants themselves are considered to be benign – which means non-cancerous many researchers still believe that there is a connection. They have done many tests and believe that women who suffer from this condition are at a slight risk of developing certain kind of cancer that begin in the ovary. This is most commonly known as ovarian cancer.

This type of cancer is one that women have to worry about – but is more commonly found in women who suffer from some form of infertility or endometriosis. One method that they hope helps to reduce this risk of cancer is using oral birth control pills. Doctors will often use these as a treatment for the condition.

For now doctors have not been able to fully understand the link that endometriosis and ovarian cancer have. Their biggest theory is that the implants that are developed will find a way to transform themselves into cancer. One other theory is that the overall condition may be caused by genetic or environmental elements that will work with the problem to increase the woman’s risk of developing the cancer.

If you know that you are suffering from endometriosis symptoms then you should speak with your doctor concerning the cancer risks. It may be a good idea to set up exams every few months to make sure that you do not develop this cancer.

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