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Keeping our skin soft and healthy is important to us. It is why we put lotion on every single day to help maintain its elasticity and to keep it thoroughly moisturized. Unfortunately things beyond our control can happen and before we know it we can be suffering from a common skin condition known as eczema.

This term is used to define a whole group of medical skin problems that people can suffer from. These many problems will cause the skin to become irritates, red, and inflamed. Atopic dermatitis is the most common form that can affect both children and adults and is often associated with allergies.

It can be difficult for people to diagnose eczema – which is why they should visit a doctor when they see any signs of it. Your doctor is the only one who can perform the necessary skin tests to determine what the rash is, what is causing it, and how it should be treated. They will need to ask you several questions when you visit.

  • Does the rash itch?
  • Is it scaly, bumpy, or patchy?
  • How long have you had it?
  • Which area does it affect?
  • Will it flare up and go away for a time?
  • Does your family have history of eczema?
  • Do you have incredibly dry skin?
  • Do you have incredibly sensitive skin?

All of these questions can vary between different people and sometimes they may change depending on the problem. After you have answered the questions they will examine the rash up close. From there they will help to determine what might be causing it.

For some people the problem might be from dish soap, laundry detergent, and clothing materials. These are easy enough to cut out and the rash will soon disappear. Others might be having an allergic reaction to food or may be affected by dry air. The doctor will determine the best eczema treatment methods to use to clear it up now and in the future.

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