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The Fourth Of July is just around the corner and we are making plans to have all of our family and close friends come over and grill out and watch some fireworks. This is one holiday where we all can enjoy each other’s company and take a break from the hectic work and have some genuine fun without having to worry about getting anyone any gifts.

One of the things I love about this holiday is that we get to spend all of our time outside in the fresh air. With the right outdoor patio sets and a great grill we can cook hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, corn, and even some delicious margaritas! Nothing says ‘Happy Independence Day’ like some good grilled food.

Instead of decorating the inside of your home you can decorate your back porch and backyard with balloons and some solar string lights. You can make the whole place look festive and give people a comfortable atmosphere in which they can enjoy each other’s company.

Fireworks is a must on this holiday and you can get it one of two ways. You can either watch the show that your town is going to have. This can be fun because they have the money to buy fireworks that look great and your kids will love what they see. Just make sure that you get there early enough to get a good seat to the whole thing.

If you don’t want to have to drive and get stuck in traffic and surrounded by hundreds of people then why not have your own show. Dozens of people will purchase their own fireworks and create their own show. Just make sure that you are safe and it isn’t illegal.

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