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Don’t you hate it when you are walking around your home and you find a spider or cockroach that is sitting on the floor or on top of the counters? For some people no amount of cleaning is going to keep them away and this can be frustrating and also unhealthy for those who live in it.

The first thing that many of us do is call an exterminator to have them come out and do what they can to get rid of them all. But before we do that we should stop to think the amount of pesticides that these companies use. Pesticides are full of chemicals that can irritate the skin and if breathed in could cause certain health problems.

While not all pesticides have this effect on people it is still a possibility and in our opinion is not something we want to risk when we have small children that live in the home. Instead you should think about a pest control that is both safe and effective. One such thing is sonic pest control.

This is an electronic device that releases a emitting a high frequency noise that only cockroaches, spiders, and even rats are able to hear. This noise is emitted throughout the home in the areas that you have placed them in and help to keep them away safely and without any messy cleanup from sticky traps.

There are some people who are not yet convinced that this form of pest control is effective and works the way that it promises. While others feel that it has done a great job at keeping their home pest free. They are also very pleased to not have to deal with pesticides and the problems that they can cause.

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