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Squirrels are cute animals that run around the neighborhoods. It seems that every time you step outside of your door they are there waiting to look at anyone that is passing by. In fact sometimes it seems that there are far too many hanging around your house and this can be a potential problem.

Did you know that squirrels are a type of rodent – the classification that is used for mice and rats. When you hear the word rodent the first thing we think of is how they can carry germs, attack people, and become a nuisance to us. While there have never been any squirrel attacks in recent years they do have the potential to become a problem.

Some people have to worry about these animals chewing through wires that lead to their homes. This forces them to spend large amounts of money to repair them. It can also cause your home to start on fire – which is a very dangerous thing. If you feel that you have too many squirrels hanging around then you should know of ways to get rid of them.


One of the most common way of getting rid of them is by setting up traps. You can purchase live traps that will kill them or will just take hold of them until you can take them some where far away from your home. Make sure that you purchase one that is large enough for the squirrel.

Professional Help

It is possible to hire a professional or animal control services that will be able to deal with the problem in their own way. Sometimes they will kill the squirrels or just move them to a new location. If they are moved make sure that they are at a location that is far away or they can find their way back.


The most common form of squirrel pest control is to use repellants. These are usually powders that you spread around your home every so often. This powder smells like their predators and will keep them from coming anywhere near your home out of fear.

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