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One of the hardest things that we as parents can do is trying to discipline our children. It is the one thing that we wish never to do – but also the one thing that we know must be done. Without discipline our children will become spoiled. That is why you need to start at a young age.

Some people believe that disciplining a child who is only one is too soon and a bit unfair. They make the excuse that they do not know what you are saying to them and so they do not understand. What they do not realize is that in order for the child to know what it means you have to start using them.

Obviously placing them in time out may not work because they do not understand. That is why you need to start with something small like saying the word “no” or “stop”. Be patient and work with them in a kind manner. Tell them to stop and then move them from whatever it is they are trying to do. It won’t take them long to learn what this means.

As they get older they need more disciplining then just simple words. They will try to push their boundaries by acting like they do not hear you or do not understand you. You know otherwise and to show them that those boundaries cannot be pushed without consequences you should set up punishments.

If they do something wrong after already receiving a warning take away their favorite toys, take their juice away, or put them too bed early. These will make a big impact on them and they will learn how much they don’t want this to happen a lot.

One of the best methods that you can use to punish them with is the time out. Designate an area where they must sit with their hands folded. Make sure they do not have toys and do not talk when in time out. It isn’t a punishment that is for fun. In public is where they will try to test you the most – but don’t back down. You can put them in time out in the shopping cart or in the restaurant as well.

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