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When it comes to our kids we worry about every little scraped knee and torn fingernail. It is our job to make sure that they stay safe and we love them so much that it hurts when something goes wrong. However, there are unforeseen circumstances that can occur – which will affect them in ways we hoped they would never have to experience.

Allergies are so common now that people will keep their children from eating certain foods or getting near certain plants in order to avoid the symptoms. This is before they even know if their child actually has an allergy or not. One type that we never think they would ever experience is the allergy to the sun.

Sun allergy is also known as photosensitivity and is caused when the bodies’ immune system is trying to defend itself against the sunlight. It will usually cause a red itchy rash – but sometimes it can lead to hives or even blisters. The areas that are most affected by this include the back of the hands, arms, lower legs, and the neck.

Doctors have not been able to determine why or how the sun triggers this reaction in the body. It is possible that when the skin is in the sunlight it triggers the immune system – which thinks it is being attacked by something foreign. People who have extremely sensitive skin are the ones who are affected the most by it.

If you think that you have this allergy then you should visit your doctor right away so that they are able to diagnose you. If it is a more severe case they might have to take a skin biopsy of the affected area and examine it under the microscope. They may also have to take some blood tests.

Once they have examined it thoroughly and determined what it is then they will be able to take proper action. There are different treatments for sun allergy depending on what type it is.

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