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More and more people are doing the research on what solar power is and how it can be used to not only save the environment – but also to save money. Already large companies are harnessing this power to run large plants and are saving countless time and money on the amount of power that they are able to use.

Many of us know that it is possible to install solar panels onto our home and to use them to power electricity, water, heat, and even cool air that we use within our homes. But many of us wonder if there isn’t more advantages to this power that we have not yet tried. Is it possible to harness this power and to use it for much bigger things like trains or even airplanes?

Bertrand Piccard thought of this idea also and used the knowledge he had to create a solar airplane. It is no wonder that he would have the idea and the ambition to go through with this idea because he was the founder of the world’s first non stop flight in a balloon that traveled around the whole world. Now he is preparing to fly for 36 hours in his new prototype that has been dubbed the Solar Impulse.

On June 16th in Zurich, Switzerland this new plane will be unveiled for the first time. It has a wingspan of 207 feet – which is standard on many commercial airplanes. It is also equipped with 11,628 solar cells that are built in the wings. It is built as a single pilot plane and weighs as much as a car. The propellers are powered with lithium batteries.

The solar power plane is made to fly below 28,000 feet where it is able to obtain the most sunlight and will not create any pressure in the cabin. The first test flight is scheduled for sometime later this year.

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