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Portable heaters are great to use when you are out camping or even in the home when you need some extra warmth. These heaters are small enough to fit into a single room and keep that person warm without getting in the way. But they will not affect the temperature of the rest of the home or affect other people who are already comfortable.

Unfortunately many of these portable heaters have the ability to cause fires in the homes when they are not used properly or neglected in any way. In order to avoid this problem and to help people keep from becoming victims of this manufacturers created infrared heaters. These are advanced quartz infrared portable heaters that will keep you warm without risking the chance of a fire breaking out.

They are able to avoid this major problem by not giving it the chance to reach a high enough temperature to cause one in the first place. One of the reasons that people love this unit so much is because it is able to not only cut your heating bill by almost half – but also because it burns cleanly into the air.

Unlike furnace, propane tanks, and even certain portable heaters this unit will not reduce the humidity in your home. This will avoid any dry skin problems and irritated eyes that it can cause.

These infrared portable heaters will be able to heat the room it is being used in from the ceiling and all the way down to the floor. This allows you to feel comfortable and even sleep well. It will also not release any harmful radiation or carbon monoxide into the air like other units can sometimes do.

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