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There are some people who make it a living to make foods and then can them into jars. We see these types of food everyday at the grocery store – but do we ever stop to think how it is done? The method is fairly simple and if we think about it this is something that we could do to help us save some money.

When canning food the most common component that you will need to use is water. That is why the process is referred to as water canning. This allows us to keep the food fresh or at least preserved without having to place them inside of a refrigerator. In order to keep it preserved you must first sterilize the food to remove all of the bacteria from it.

The food is placed into a container that is air tight and able to withstand high temperatures. After this the container is then cooked and sterilized to get rid of all the bacteria that is being held within the food. The container will remain air tight and will not open allowing the food to remain sterile and also edible.

To know how long you must cook the food you first have to know how much bacteria it can hold. There are some foods that have to be cooked for a much longer period of time because the bacteria is so plentiful and will develop quickly in a short amount of time.

In order to do this yourself with food that you have grown in your own garden or that you have purchased from the store you will need the right supplies. The most important things that you will need are containers that are large enough to hold the food and strong enough to be cooked. Also make sure that you find the right canning lids that will keep it sealed tight.

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