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Most homes are always going to be built with specific rooms that we need and want. They will always have a certain number of bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining area, and bathrooms. If you are in a larger house you are more then likely to get more rooms including a separate room that is considered to be the dining room. This leaves that space beside the kitchen to become the breakfast nook.

I love having a breakfast nook because it makes everything very quaint and keeps you from having to clean your large dining room every single morning and night. Some people prefer to keep it off limits to parties, holidays, or guest. While you may want to use the elegant glass dinette sets in this large and formal room why not choose something a bit more homey for the nook?

You can keep with the traditional sets that are wooden or even metal – but these can be worn out and used too often. Instead why not choose something that both you and your children will love. Something that is full of color and life and that will grab people’s attention when they walk through the door.

Retro dinette sets are just the thing that you need to add some much needed character to this breakfast nook. These are built with the usual large table and four to five chairs as needed. But they are given smooth edges and usually painted with vibrant red, white, greed, or blue colors.

These are very unusual – but if you choose the right one they won’t be tacky in the slightest. You just have to make sure that the rest of the nook and even the kitchen will match it so the table does not stick out in a bad way.

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