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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that will usually develop when people are children. Over the years the symptoms may fade or become less frequent. In other cases the symptoms will become worse and can affect the lives of people. The cause of epilepsy is not know. Some believe the infections or head trauma will cause the nerves inside of the brain to mess up.

When this happens it will cause attacks or seizures that will manifest themselves in different ways. The symptoms that are experienced during these seizures are different based upon the type that they are experiencing at the time. It is important to know what type you will suffer from so your doctor is able to help treat it.

Some of the more common symptoms that people will experience include flashbacks, dejavu, loss of consciousness, numbness, and body spasms. However, these are all based upon the type of seizure that they are suffering from.

Generalized Seizure

Generalized or grand mal seizures are some of the more common types that patients will suffer from. These have the ability to impact a large if not all areas of the brain. This will cause the person to lose consciousness and become dazed when they wake up again.

Partial Seizures

These epileptic seizures are separated into two different categories; simple and complex. Simple partial seizures will affect a small area of the brain. The complex partial seizure will affect a much larger portion of it. The symptoms can last longer then most seizures and it is possible that the patient will be conscious for it. Although they may not remember what happened.

Nocturnal Seizures

The nocturnal seizures are not as common as many of the others and will always occur when the person is asleep. This means that it can happen at night or in the daytime.

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