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Carbon monoxide is a type of colorless, tasteless, and odorless chemical gas that is considered to be very toxic. The molecules that makes it up are made up of one oxygen atom and one carbon atom that are linked through a covalent double bond and also a dative covalent bond. This is considered to be a more simple form of oxygen carbon.

This gas is made from the partial oxidation of certain compounds that are made up of or contain carbon. It will take its form as carbon monoxide when there is little to no oxygen in the air around it. This can occur from using a stove or an internal combustion engine in a small space. That is why cars are known to release large amounts of carbon monoxide into the air.

Even though it is identified as toxic it is used all around the world to light up homes, cook food, heat homes and businesses, and to produce nickel. But many activists are doing what they can to reduce the carbon monoxide emissions that are released through the use of the thousands of cars that drive every day on the roads. They believe that this toxic gas is polluting the air and they are right.

It is being carried through the air and people who live in larger cities with more cars surrounding them every day are at a higher risk for contracting carbon monoxide poisoning. This is a common poisoning in dozens of countries that can be fatal. When it is combined with the hemoglobin in our blood it produces carboxyhemoglobin. This makes it difficult for our bodies to deliver oxygen to the tissues.

It is no wonder that more and more people are trying to avoid this problem by reducing emissions and using car purifiers while they drive. As technology grows we hope to see more electric cars on the road and the levels of carbon monoxide to lower.

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