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For many women their wedding day is considered to be one of the best and that is why we are meticulous with every detail. It is the one day in our lives that is all about us and we want to control every aspect of it to make sure that nothing goes wrong or looks out of place. It has to feel and look like something out of a fairy tale.

In order to help with this and to take some of the work off of our shoulders we hire competent wedding planners that make it their living to create fairy tale weddings. The one thing that we leave up to us is the outfit and dress we will be wearing the day of the wedding. This is just as important because we want to wow our future husbands with how we look.

When choosing the right dress we want to find something that fits our personality and something that we can fit into comfortably. Most of us choose the frilly and poofy dresses that require the use of a special underskirt to help it flow out. The only problem with this is that it prevents you from going to the bathroom without a little help.

Others prefer the straight dresses that fit more closely – but have beautiful beadwork and a design that is very elegant. There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from. To save money you can have someone make you the perfect dress. My mother made the perfect wedding dress for my sister as well as bridesmaid dresses. You would never have known that we didn’t buy them from a store.

To go with the perfect dress you have to be wearing the right shoes. But this is where you can save some money and maybe even be a bit more comfortable. Usually we have to wear high heels on our wedding day – but as times change so do the wedding shoes that women choose.

More and more women are choosing bridal flip flops to replace those heels that will have our feet screaming after the first five minutes. Bridal flip flops come as flats or in heels and look simple – but also elegant. They look great on any women and are often hidden under the dress.

One Response to “Wedding Dresses And Shoes To Wear At Your Wedding”

  1. Thanks for this. often it can be hard to choose the best bridal shoes. So often women will go for great looking shoes. But also they need to keep in mind about their comfort. Wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes can ruin a woman’s best day, isn’t it?

    Posted by: Bridal shoes flats on on August 30th, 2010 at 6:36 am.