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The respiratory condition known as asthma is usually identified and treated depending on what kind it is and what group it has been placed in These groups are named based upon the things that can trigger an attack. It is important for people and their doctors to identify the triggers and learn what asthma problems they have so they can do what they can to treat it and get it under control.


One of the most common types is the allergic asthma – which is triggered when the person is having an allergic reaction to pollen, pet dander, or other such allergens that are often carried through the air. During the different seasons this asthma type can be caused by plants, trees, and mold.


There are some people who will have an asthma attack that is not related to any allergies in anyway. This is commonly known as nonallergic asthma. This and the allergic kind are often confused with each other because they have the same symptoms. The triggers for this type often include tobacco smoke, wood smoke, perfumes, air pollution, pine odors, household cleaners, or be caused by any type of respiratory infections.

Exercise Induced

This type is caused when the person is performing some type of physical activity such as exercising. They will begin to notice the symptoms not long after they have started to perform the exercise. While it may not exclude them from all physical activities they do have to be careful when and how much they do. Doing physical activities outdoors during the winter is especially dangerous because of how dry the air is and how cold it is.


This is one of the more rare types of asthma that will usually affect a person between two to four in the morning. For them the asthma symptoms can happen throughout the day – but are usually made worse during the night time. The triggers for this often include sinus infections, dust, pet dander, or postnasal drip. Many doctors believe that it is worse during this time because it is when their bodies’ defense system is the lowest.

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