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Storage is everything in a home. Without the necessary storage spaces we would have no place to put all of our clothes, dishes, and extra belongings that are lying around. I have lived in homes that do not have enough places to put all of my things and other places that have too much space.

One of the most convenient storage spaces that people will always use are drawers. These are everywhere. They are on our dressers and in our bathrooms and kitchens. It is where we put our silverware, our clothes, and all of our necessary toiletries. Without drawers we would have to cram everything into boxes or cabinets where there is never enough space for it all.

In order to keep using them we need to know the proper way to keep them working. Drawer pulls are the knobs on the middle of the outside of them that we use to open them. This makes them very important and nearly impossible to use any drawers without them. That is why when one breaks we need to know exactly how to replace it.

When replacing a kitchen drawer pull or any other type of pull you will first need to measure the length of the front of the drawer. Make to measure and with a pencil mark the halfway point. Make sure to do it very lightly.

Once you have done this you will need to measure the height of the front of the drawer. Lightly make a line that runs from the top of the drawer to the bottom so that it runs through the middle of the halfway mark you made. This is what gives you a center point for the front of the drawer. Set a square and small piece of tape over this center point then put another mark over this.

Lastly you will need to select a drill bit that is narrow or matches the kitchen drawer pull screw that is being used. Make sure to drill a hole, push the screw through the inside of the drawer, and then attach it on.

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