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More and more people are considering using air purifiers in their homes. Some use them because they have allergies that are caused by certain allergens that are carried through the air or be pet dander. Others use them because they have respiratory conditions like asthma that can be exacerbated by air pollutants, allergens, and dust.

The reason for wanting one does not matter. It is something that everyone should consider – but most people do not actually purchase one because they do not know how much they should be spending on one. As we all know there are dozens of different types of air purifiers that you can use and this makes the price range very broad.

The price tag of one of these items will depend on many things that include:

  • What brand you buy from
  • What type of purifier you want
  • Does it have an air filter
  • What size it is

All of these are very important to think about and your answers to them will greatly influence your decision and help you to narrow down the choices and how much you will need to spend. These can cost as little as $200 or as high as $1,000.If you are someone who suffers from many allergies or is greatly influenced by the weather and even dust then you should consider spending more money to get something that works to remove absolutely everything from the air. There are some that will only remove dust and allergens – but will not take away the harmful pollutants. One brand name that works great at taking care of people who want their air cleaned thoroughly are Living Air Purifiers.

If you want something that is easy to clean then you should consider one that does not use an air filter. These models will save you money in the long run because you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars each year to replace the filter.

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