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Chiropractors are used by people who have muscle pain that they want to get rid of. They don’t wish to use medicines to numb the pain and make it easier to endure. Instead they want someone who can find what is causing the problem and use a treatment that will help to put a stop to it.

The methods that these physicians use is rather unique and different and something that most standard doctors would not even consider. That is why some people are wary about using them. But as unusual as these techniques are they have been known to help many patients who are more then happy to go back if the problem should return or new ones arise.

They mostly use their hands when performing treatments but some will also use special instruments. The chiropractor activator is a special instrument that is used by these physicians to help improve the treatments. They made this instrument to help make the treatments less painful and easier to perform. There are several different methods in which they use this to make the treatment more effective and long lasting for the patient.

The activator itself is a rather small instrument that can easily fit into the palm of one’s hand. It is more commonly used to re-align the patient’s bones. They will use the metal tip of the instrument and force pressure on the designated spots. The end will be pushed inside while being placed against the spot. When the chiropractor feels it is in far enough they will release the tip – which will re-align everything.

Re-aligning bones can be very painful especially when it is done in the old fashioned way. But the activator helps to reduce the pain that if felt and make the process much easier to bear and handle.

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