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For many people trying to live with carpel tunnel if they do not try some form of treatment to help control the symptoms. There are a variety of treatments that can be used – which are used depending on the symptoms you are having, how long you have been experiencing them, what exactly is causing them, and what treatments have not worked in the past.

There are both surgical and non-surgical methods that can be used to help with treatment. Unless the symptoms are severe doctors will usually recommend the many non-surgical carpel tunnel treatments to take care of the problem. These treatments are easy enough to do while at home or at the office when you feel the symptoms flaring up.

You can rest your hand and wrist for a total of two weeks. This means that you cannot write or do much of anything with it that will worsen the problem. One method that will help to keep the median nerve from becoming pinched is to wrap the wrist in a carpel tunnel brace or a simple splint. These prevent you from bending your wrist in any direction. This should be worn during sleep and when doing activities that could aggravate the problem.

When you are not wearing the brace it would be best to avoid doing any form of activity that could risk aggravating the symptoms and making things worse for you. Also sometimes people will find that other health problems like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes will cause the carpel tunnel to flare up. Keeping these conditions stable will help to control the symptoms.

Sometimes these treatments are not sufficient to help with carpel tunnel and your doctor may want you to use certain types of medicines to help control swelling and the pain that is experienced. They also may require you to do certain exercises that will help to stretch and strengthen your hand and wrist.

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