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Diabetes is a medical condition that can affect people in different ways. When it is not controlled it can create problems that include the loss of vision, loss of limbs, and the failure of major organs. The doctors help to teach people how to monitor themselves through the use of blood glucose monitors.

These monitors are a hand held device that will read the blood sugar or glucose levels that are in your blood. You will need to learn what number range is good to be in and what range means that you need medicine or need to take yourself to the hospital right away. These monitors are made to be very accurate so you should be able to trust the reading that they give you.

However, it is possible that after using it for a long period of time it become less accurate. This is something that you cannot afford to have because it is what you use to save your life. In order to make sure that it is always functioning well you need to test it from time to time. Once a month you need to follow the instructions given to you by your manufacturer and test it.

Also try to find any problems that it might have. If you have traveled somewhere recently and you left the strips in an unusually hot or cold place then this could cause a problem. One of the best ways to test it is at the same time the doctor is checking you. Both of the samples should be done within two minutes of each other in order for them to be as close as possible.

Show the sample that you took to your doctor and ask them if both of them match up. If they are not than it is possible that it is too old, dirty, is not calibrated, or being kept in poor conditions. If so then ask your doctor to recommend a more accurate blood glucose monitor that is affordable and will last much longer.

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