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When gas prices shot up dozens of people tried to find ways of getting rid of their SUV’s and trucks and replacing them with small cars that required less gas. Others went so far as to trade in their cars completely for something a bit different – an electric moped.

An electric moped is considered to be a type of motorcycle – but it looks more like a scooter. It is easier to drive then the motorcycle though it may not be as fashionable or ‘cool’ looking as some of us would like. However, it is something that does not require the need for gas. All it needs to get going is a powerful battery that will last from point A to point B and then back again.

While these mopeds might be safer then motorcycles they still have certain rules and requirements that need to be followed before you take one out on the road. It is important to be made aware of all of the safety regulations in order to have a safe ride and keep everyone else on the road safe.


Because these vehicles are small they can sometimes be hard to see – especially at night. They have lights built into them to help guide you and tell people you are there – but it would be safer to also add on a few reflectors. These are the same ones that can be placed on bicycles and will give people a better chance at spotting you.

Safety Gear

Nothing says safety like the necessary helmets and other such safety accessories. This is something that everyone needs to have if they want to show people they are looking to be safe. The helmet is obviously the best thing you can have and will protect you during a potential accident.

When driving safe on electric mopeds you should also wear gloves, jeans, and boots. Make sure that they are made with thick materials so they can protect your skin if you should fall off your bike or crash. Otherwise the cement is going to beat you up badly.

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