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Most people who invest in an LCD television are trading in their large entertainment center furniture for something more basic and lower to the floor. This gives them the room they need to be able to mount the television to the wall that is directly across from where they like to sit and watch their favorite shows.

In order to mount it they need to know the proper tools and which mount they need to use. Besides knowing what size you will need and how much that mount can hold you also need to know all of your options. There are quite a few wall mounts that you can choose from making the selection very broad.

Standard Mount

The standard mount is simple and is easy to install. This is the most basic and only has the ability to hold your television in place. This means that you will only be able to move it slightly upwards – but only so you have the ability to reach behind it and connect all of the necessary chords.

Tilting Mounts

These types of mounts are great to have because they give you the ability to move your television to either side to allow for better viewing. They also give you the option of moving it up or down in case you need to connect something or view it at a different angle.

Arm Mount

The LCD arm mount is one of the more expensive types – but it is also one of the best. The unique thing about this is that it gives you the option of not only moving it up and down and side to side – but also to move it out and away from the wall. Now you can pull it out and bring it closer to you if you are having a hard time seeing it.

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