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When we go to the gym there are tons of machines just waiting to be used by us. These machines help us to lose weight and to give shape to our bodies in ways that we never thought possible. One of the best that you can find is the elliptical fitness machine.

Most people compare this with the treadmill because they both provide a cardio workout – which is essential for people trying to lose weight and burn off all of the carbs and calories that they consumer throughout the entire day. But the two machines are different in the level of work out they provide and the benefits they offer.

According to research you have to walk almost twice as long on the treadmill in order to burn the same amount of calories that you can burn on the elliptical. There are many more health benefits in elliptical machines and is one of the reasons why many personal trainers and health researchers advocate the use of these machines when trying to get the best work out.

This research shows that just thirty minutes on the elliptical can give you an intense exercise that will last you the majority of the week. It can also lower your blood pressure, make your bones stronger, increase the cardiovascular health, and keep you at a healthy and maintainable weight.

Another great thing about ellipticals when compared to treadmills is that they do not put pressure on your knees, hips, and your back. While running can help you to stay in shape and lose weight long amount of it can eventually wear down your bones and hurt your knees. But the elliptical does not place this kind of pressure – but instead gives you a much harder workout without all of the pain.

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